Here are some things my clients have said about me:

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“I have had the unique experience of both working for and then later hiring Reece to provide me with some legal advice. When it came down to deciding on which attorney to hire, it was a no-brainer. I had known from working with Reece that he would get me exactly the information that I needed, present it in a straightforward manner, all while remaining conscious of my budget and under a tight deadline. I would not hesitate to hire Reece should I need his services again.” — JANE F. • September 28, 2009

“Reece is a very honest and diligent attorney going way out of his way to make sure his client’s are taken care of and know what to expect with their projects. He always takes his time sharing his experience on a given topic.” — ABRAHAM F. • September 4, 2009

“I am happy to have access to an attorney like Reece for my various contractual needs, as a small business owner, He is easy to contact, quick to comply, efficient and even manages a good sense of humor in such matters when appropriate! I don’t feel intimidated or alienated, as I have in the past working with other lawyers, I highly recommend his services.” — STEFAN C. • September 2, 2009

“I have worked with Reece for the past year and have experienced nothing but professionalism and prompt service. He is knowledgeable and a great resource in many areas. I recommend Reece completely.” — JASON A. • September 2, 2009

“Reece set up a trust for my estate. I feel like my children and their best interests will be well taken care of. He was pleasant to work with and professional start to finish.” — KATHRYN L. • September 2, 2009

“Thank you for your expert advice on such short notice. It gives me and my family great assurance to know we are your clients.” — MAURICE B. • April 2007

“Not just anyone could have brought S***, Inc. to the table, as you have. You sure have our appreciation.” — CAROL H. • March 30, 2006

“Your letter on our behalf to the city of Oakland is a masterpiece! Thanks.” — BOB H. • February 2, 2006

“I now know whom to call upon in California when I am looking for miracles!” — DANIEL R. • September 2, 2003

“This has been an extremely trying time for all of us and you have managed to stay professional throughout all of it. Thanks!” — MIKE P. • December 12, 2002

“I closed on the house today — yahoo!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. We could not have done it without you. Lord knows (the title company) could not have figured it out on their own.” — L.Z. • March 2020

“I truly appreciate and value your calming assurance that we’ll get through this process.” — C.O. • April 2020

“Thank you so very very much for guiding us through our Trust / Will process. You are a kind, patient hand to hold through what many fear as a morbid, difficult process. You really are clearly in your element doing this for a living.” — N.W. • April 2020

“Thank you for making the most recent changes done so easily.” — A.O. • June 2020

“Your expertise and thoroughness are always much appreciated.” — A.T. • July 2020

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