Here are some things my clients have said about me:

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“Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given our family over the past years. I am grateful for all your assistance.” — ELLIE W. • July 20, 2012

“Thank you for your help with our mother’s trust. You were a pleasure to do business with.” — JOHN L. • May 9, 2012

“At a time like this is very comforting to have clear and competent support. You’ve been terrific and I hope our paths cross again.” — PAT L. • April 8, 2012

“Everything went smoothly with the documentation. Thanks again for all your help.” — JASON B. • February 25, 2012

“Thank you for helping us with the trust for my in-laws. I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to have the trust established.” — GUY C. • “February 22, 2012

“I am grateful for your usual thoroughness and thoughtfulness.” — KIM T. • January 19, 2012

“Thanks for all your help with the estate plan. I so appreciated having had a chance to reason things out with you.” — KAREN G. • October 30, 2011

“Thanks for the hard work!” — CHRIS L. • September 30, 2011

“We can now take our Hawaii trip knowing we have made things as seamless as possible for our daughters. It is been a pleasure working with you, and we will recommend you to our friends.” — DAVID I. • September 1, 2011

“Reece has been a valuable resource for my clients needing estate planning, probate and real estate advice. Reece is personable and responsive. We have collaborated on numerous transactions over the years.” — TODD H. • August 6, 2011

“Thanks again for all your expert help.” — KELLY B. • July 7, 2011

“Thanks for your valuable words of wisdom. You were very helpful.” — RANDY S. • June 3, 2010

“Reece is a responsible, organized compassionate attorney that understands the minute details of estate planning and the law. He represents his clients interests as if they were his own. A good man and a great attorney.” — BARBARA K. • March 2, 2010

“We look to Reece whenever our company or our clients need legal assistance. He has demonstrated on many occasions his ability to translate problems into solutions. Reece is also very good at looking down the road and counseling us on what to prepare for and how to mitigate issues that may ensue. I enjoy working with Reece and value his wisdom.” — TRACY G. • January 18, 2010

“I contacted Reece on the 1st of December with a general inquiry about what it would take to generate an estate plan for my husband and myself before we were set to travel outside the US later this month. Reece provided us a roadmap of information he needed to move quickly through this process and allowed us time and offered counsel to enable us to turn around the information to him in a matter of days. While our estate plan was not complicated by a multitude of assets to enumerate, there were a couple unusual elements requiring attention that Reece identified and was able to handle with ease. He was totally available to respond to questions we had along the way, explained the legalese with candor and good nature and instilled a great level of confidence in his ability to deliver on our request in the timeline we required. I cannot imagine having a more positive experience than we did working with Reece. He is highly articulate, able to quickly drill down to the key criteria we needed to address and of high importance to me, never hesitated to respond promptly to any question we had without my feeling that he was watching the clock. I highly recommend Reece as a resource for anyone seeking an Estate Planning Attorney. His vast knowledge of estate planning and kind demeanor make him an ideal partner in this kind of endeavor.” — JENNIFER L. • December 19, 2009

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